Long time ago this area was a place of wild nature, with large sandy stretch, marshes and pinewood with the only presence of a small fortress. Later on, the area was firstly reclaimed and then Tirrenia built, becoming a tourist and bathing town.

It is situated in the centre of the Tuscany coast, along a coast line of 10 Km. This town is entirely plunged into the nature and it is between two important cities, Pisa and Livorno. Convenient public transportation is provided
to/from these cities.

Tirrenia has a very fertile territory which in the course of the ages has acquired the features of the above mentioned cities which despite their closeness have different traditions.

Tirrenia mediterranean climate permits nice and suitable seasons: colourful days in spring, warm and bright in the summer and relaxing in autumn.

In Tirrenia residents and tourists have the possibility to spend the whole day on the well equipped beaches. There are many sport activities: Beach volley, Sailing, Underwater fishing, Tennis, Football, Golf and Horse riding. Such sports can be played in the numerous sports complexes plunged into the green. There is also a wide choice of daily excursions.

Tirrenia boasts the presence of the “Olympic Training Centre” of CONI and it is the ideal place for a wide range of training activities, as it is confirmed by the enthusiastic presence of athletes not only from Northern Europe starting by the end of each winter. Good air quality, pleasant and mild temperature, as well as wide green spaces and footing/biking paths immerse in pinewood and wood of the “Tenuta di Tombolo” constitute a strong appeal for everyone.

The “Tenuta of Tombolo”

The “Tenuta of Tombolo” constitutes the most southern part of the Regional Park of Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli and it encompasses the coastlines of Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia, as well as historical site such as the Basilica of San Piero a Grado, wide farm and grazing areas, pinewood, and mesophill forest.

All that makes up a very much variegated landscape, that shows up human activity signs in as much as the impressive lushness of vegetation, ideal habitat for numerous and rare animal species.

The territory of the “Tenuta” has been forming during few last centuries by advancing the coastline of several hundred meters. This explains the alternation of damp depressions (“lame”) – parallel to the coastline, residual of the old marsh and the dunes, locally called “tomboli”, so that the name of Tombolo to the whole estate.

The stretch of coast of the “Tenuta” is interested by bathing establishments mainly alongside Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia. However, thanks to the Park presence, still exists remnant of coastal natural dunes, behind the establishments as well as in Calambrone, where is present the estuary of the Scolmatore that attracts many species of mud-dwelling birds.

The most interesting area of Tirrenia is managed by the local WWF that has created an Oasis bigger than 20 hectares. This area lies just across the street, 50 meters far from the apartment in the villa.

The sandy dunes closer to the seaside and beaten down by the wind are colonised by important pioneer coastal plants. Inland, the Mediterranean arbustive vegetation consolidates the dunes. All that protects the hinterland and back wood from erosion and shows the presence of the typical dune’s fauna: snails and scarabaeuses.